Peter Stutz

Dynamic, contemporary, surrealistic, expressionistic, impressionist, Transcendental.


Moving a lot of little stones, will change the course of a big River :-) 

A true Transcendental Artist of the new Generation 

The type of different expressions could not state enough for such dimensional richness.

Mystically defined, Peter is a clear soul driven Artist, contemporary, surreal, philosophical, political, true to the concept of cosmic conscious knowledge.

Being around great Artist's from child on, Peter has been given a early platform to become creative.

Fully dedicated to painting every Day, for the last 10 Years, his portfolio leaves a large footprint.

Living in United States 1980 to 1997, Peter visited San Francisco Art Academy; photography, metal casting, stained glass. He worked at Rorick Gallery, San Francisco as gallery assistant. It was in San Francisco he met and became good friend with Aung Aung Taik, and many more great Artist, and Musicians. Peter sings Cuban Rumba and plays the Percussion.

In New York, Peter did some design for the stage work Disney-CBS studio’s Clear Light Opera Santa Fee project. After he worked for Joya Interiors, a Art Deco gallery and custom furniture factory, as, gallery assistant, restaurateur and factory foreman. He had the opportunity to handle originals by Lalique, Icart, Érte, Chapirus, Lockhardt, P.l Faguays, Miro, Riche Louis, Stella, Delandre, Picasso and many more.

Moving back to California, becoming more and more inspired by the beautiful landscapes, Peter started to paint large mix media "Dreamscape" aquarelles (oil pencil and ink) in impressionism with radiant colors and light. 1997 he and his Wife moved to Switzerland.

2011 Peter changed media to Oil and Canvas.

Art to be...... soul driven, the unexpected... reality of Changes within, and in front of us. 

Like Alchemie the most intense time is Creating, in reaction to the Changes itself.

Thank you for your visit and Interest :-)


Giovanni Segantini

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